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En år 5

Engelska, terminsplanering år  5, hösttermin

Speak Out 2, Work Out 2

v. 34-38    Chapters 1-4, Into hobbies; Different kind of hobbies

Grammar: Present tense, possessive pronouns, the third person
singular, objective forms of personal pronouns, past tense
of regular verbs

v. 39         Optional, Revision 1-4; More about hobbies, study exercises  before
the test

v. 40         Test chapters 1-4, Introducing Topic: Amazing animals

v. 41-43  Chapters 5-8, Amazing animals; getting to know some animal habits
Grammar: plural, prepositions, present tense,: negative forms,
questions, articles
v. 45         Optional, Revision 5-8; nature conservation and more about animals,
study exercises before the test

v. 46         Test chapters 5-8, Introducing topic: A world of records ch 9

v. 47-50   Chapters 10-12,  A world of records; all kinds of world records
Grammar: comparison of short and long adjectives, imperative,
numbers, irregular plural

Additional during this term: Home Farm Twins, TV-program
Newsreel Junior, news in English
Teen readers; reading based on vocabulary of
400 words

Engelska, terminsplanering år 5, vårterminen

Speak Out 2, Work Out 2

v. 2-3

Optional, Revision 9-12

v. 4

Test, chapters 9-12

v. 5-7

Chapters 13-16 Out in space
Grammar: irregular past tense, numerals, question sentences
Pancake day

v. 8

Optional, Revision 13-16
Test, chapters 13-16

v. 10-13

Chapters 17-20  Children of the world
Grammar: ordinals, present and past tense, past continuous, was and were
Saint Patrick´s day

v. 15

Optional, Revision 17-20
Test, chapters 17-20

v. 16-17

Chapters 21-24 Heroes
Grammar: ordinals, present and past tense, comparing adjectives, must and have to

v. 18

Optional, Revision 21-24
Test, chapters 21-24

v. 19-22

Chapters 25-28

Going places, English speaking countries
Grammar: imperative, of-genetive, comparing adjectives

v. 23-24

Optional, Revision 25-28

Additional during this term: The story of Tracy Beaker, TV-progra

Teen readers; reading based on vocabulary of 400 words